Working Out with Country Dance music!

Okay, if you’re not a big fan of country tunes, please don’t dismiss this post! I’m also not a big country music listener, but if you get a rendition of someone with an angelic and soothing voice, it is hard not to be charmed into dancing and swaying your hips just a little.  Plus, if you have seen any videos of people line dancing or partying at a country dance or barn party, you will see just how fun some of the moves are!

Why is dancing good for weight loss?

It can get monotonous to do the same hip hop routines and moves at the night club, so why not learn some new moves? You can also get in great shape and lose a ton of weight by working out to country music and it’s all low impact and low intensity so literally anyone can do it from early beginner exercisers to those who are more intermediate level or advanced.  If going to the disco isn’t really your thing, then you mgiht want to consider getting Country Heat – a new workout program from Autumn Calabrese.  Reviews on Country Heat claim it is one of the most fun workouts in 2016 and you burn around 300 calories per workout.  The workouts are under 30 minutes each so there is no excuse not to be able to do one.  You’ll get a series of 7 different workouts, and can do one each day.  If you get bored of one, you’ll have enough variety to keep you entertained.

Can’t I just jog instead?

The benefits of dancing are that you don’t need to run along side a road for 60 minutes to get a good calorie burn. You can dance and swing your hips and butt to your favorite dance tunes and watch your heart rate soar as you get your body in the fat burning zone.  Of course, not everyone likes dancing and some people prefer the calm nature of running through the woods.  The point is to choose a type of exercise that works for you and that you will enjoy doing time over.  Personally, country music always gets me in the mood to hop and dance and if I can lose weight at the same time as doing it, I’m all for it!

Remember that it is important to follow a nutrition plan while working out because if you are eating junk all the time, you’ll never lose weight steadily.  Try to drink at least eight cups of water a day and especially during your workouts to keep hydrated and stay feeling fresh.  Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and you’ll be set on the right track.

Kenneth Martin