Starting a High Fiber Diet in the New Year

Losing weight can be a difficult process if you are not informed about what you should be doing or eating. Many people consume large amounts of junk or processed foods and seem surprised when they don’t lose weight because they are uneducated about what foods are good for you and which foods are not.  It’s important to have a healthy balance when losing weight and part of that means eating foods rich in fiber.  If you eat foods that have large amounts of vitamins and fiber, you are not only nourishing your body by providing it with the vitamins and minerals it needs to properly function and improve your digestion, but you are also setting the stage for a healthy body and lifestyle.

If you want to lose weight, it is essential that you cut out “white” breads, rices and pasta and stick to a fiber based diet with whole wheat and whole grains. By eating a diet rich in fiber, your body will feel full and you won’t crave eating other foods.  If you eat white bread and pasta, your body won’t be full after eating a few servings and then you will eat too much and could gain weight. Therefore, you really need to eat foods like oatmeal, brown bread and brown rice to absorb the fiber with water in your body and expand causing the body to feel more full so you eat less throughout the day.

One of the best health and diet supplements is known as skinny fiber pills which expand in the stomach when you drink around eight glasses of water a day and this allows the fiber to act like a sponge would as it grows in the belly causing the user to feel more and more full.  Skinny fiber is taken twice a day over the course of several weeks as you lose more and more weight.  It’s not essential to exercise while taking the pills but exercise will help you lose even more weight so that you can burn up to 5 pounds of fat a week.  Remember it is important to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables along the way so that you are getting all the vitamins and nutrients you need to function and have a healthy body.   If you need to lose weight, we recommend starting a 90 day skinny fiber challenge where you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in addition to drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day and taking the skinny fiber capsules twice a day, two pills at each time and 30 minutes before eating.


Kenneth Martin