Getting Toned and Burning Fat in 21 Days

How long do you think it takes for you to lose weight? If you truly it commit to an exercise and diet program for at least three weeks, you will be surprised at how much fat and weight you can burn. However, keep in mind that every alcoholic drink, every extra chocolate bar, every single chip you eat is something that you have to burn off. Starting tomorrow is something that everyone says. We time someone eats poorly and throws in the towel on their diet for a day, they say, oh, forget it. I will be better tomorrow! But the fact is, it doesn’t matter if you start today or tomorrow, every single piece of food that you consume that is unhealthy or in excess of your daily calorie limit will make you get fat.

How Can I Stick to My Weight Loss Goals?

So put down that bottle of Coca-Cola. Put down that chocolate bar. Put down my bag of chips. All of that food, once in your body will slowly start to converts to fat. Whether you start today or tomorrow is irrelevant. What is relevant is how much you eat and how many calories you’re taking in and putting out. As I write this I am in the middle of 35°C weather and it is cruciate only hot and humid. I am wearing a tank top and shorts. And you know what? I look good. That’s because I have been exercising and working out since January. I have lost 30 pounds and only have around five more pounds to lose. My holiday begins in almost 3 weeks time exactly. Therefore, I am beginning the 21 day fix program that I will complete over the next 21 days. This program contains both a nutrition guide and an exercise program. One review by Yolo Dieting claims that this program helped one woman named Marie lose 50 pounds in six months. She followed not only the exercise videos, but also used the portion control color-coded containers set that came included in her program. By drinking plenty of water each day, eating lots of vegetables, fruits, healthy whole grains, and a lot of protein, she was able to feel full and satisfied while she was on the program.

She also mentioned that it’s important while doing this program to track your results and way yourself before and after three weeks. Do not get obsessed with the scale and the wanted every day because your body weight will naturally fluctuate throughout the day based on foods you might have eaten the night before when you go to the toilet, etc. Therefore way yourself once a week maximum and make sure to track and measure your inches around your body so you can see how many inches of fat you are also losing. Commit to 21 days on this program and you will be amazed and able to write your own review about how it has worked for you.

Kenneth Martin