Best Workout DVD of 2015: 21 Day Fix Extreme

We are halfway through 2015 and there are plenty of workout videos available for purchase right now. Some of them focus on hip-hop dance routines which I love, but the problem is that it is so difficult to concentrate and follow the dance moves that I often get frustrated and shut off the workout video. The purpose of a workout dvd isn’t to learn a really cool dance routine – unless you’re training to dance or that’s your hobby.  But if your purpose is primarily to lose weight – you need to be using videos that will help you do just that – burn calories and lots of them.

I don’t like spending years at the gym – its a huge long process which I just haven’t got time for.  In order to get in shape, you only need to dedicate 30-45 minutes a day to working out. Unless you’re trying to body build or something, it’s too much if you are spending 2 hours on the treadmill – it’s a waste of time and will burn your body out. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, working out twice a day for 30 minutes each with Autumn Cabrese’s 21 day fix extreme workout program will help you get back the body you used to have OR help you define and create a new incredible one. I love this workout video because you don’t need to do the same one every day. There are 7 different 21 day fix extreme workouts and they are packed with high intensity moves to help you shed weight and burn calories fast. Rather than spending 30 minutes walking on the spot or doing silly dance moves, you’ll bust out a hardcore gym training session right in your own home!

All you need to do these workouts is an exercise mat, some light weights or dumbbells up to 8 pounds, depending on your strength. You’ll need to drink plenty of water while doing the workouts to keep yourself hydrated and able to push yourself to the absolute maximum while doing the workouts! If it is your first time exercising in a long time, you’ll need to take it easy and try to do everything at 60% effort until you can work your way up.  If you’re not used to exercising at all, you might consider the original 21 day fix workout program which is less intense than the extreme version. But don’t doubt it’s power, as you can burn up to 400 calories per workout video with the original program as well.

I like to use these workout videos primarily for the exercises. But many people like to use them for the eating plan that is included with the workouts as well. You can use different color coded containers to try to keep within a certain number of calories per day when you’re eating. There are many different containers to use and you won’t have to count calories, only count containers which is much easier!  For a totally comprehensive workout and diet program, the 21 day fix extreme definitely is the best system of 2015 that respects both time constraints and weight loss goals in a system that you can reasonably expect to lose up to 10-15 pounds in just three short weeks of hard work.


Kenneth Martin