Best Health Tips For Women

Being a woman is a wonderful thing yet hard with so much expected of us by our families, friends and even colleagues. Being a woman also means that sometimes our maternal instincts push us to put other people’s needs ahead of ours; and it’s so easy to neglect ourselves without realizing it

If this how you feel, then this is your luck day because our article below focuses on a number of health tips for women. You must have read a lot of articles on health tips for women but it doesn’t hurt to read one more does it? No

Stress Management

Stress can be disastrous if not managed. It can lead to quite a number of medical conditions like high blood pressure, stroke, headaches, heart attacks and even suicide in the long run. There are quite a number of ways known to reduce stress levels which include exercise, sleeping, dancing, meditation, music and even massages.


We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of sleep among health tips for women. It is advised that you have a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every single day. Sleep lowers levels of stress, gives the body a chance to rest and function, and also improves concentration.


You can never go wrong with exercise! Spare a minimum of 30 minutes daily doing simple exercises like walking home, jogging, taking the stairs or even dancing. Exercise greatly reduces stress levels and the possibility of getting heart diseases, and helps in maintaining a healthy weight.

Balanced Diet

It is said that, we are what we eat. A good diet will not only give you good health, but also great hair and skin. A balanced diet should consists of less processed foods, whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy fats, sugars and salts, and enough minerals such as folic acid which prevents birth defects, calcium which helps in strengthening of bones, and iron which helps in blood production in the body. Avoid snacks and foods high in sugar, cigarettes, excessive alcohol, drugs, and excessive caffeine.

Medical Check-ups

You don’t have to wait for a sign or symptom of poor health to frantically run to your doctor; in fact, make them the most important people in your life. Regular check-ups help in detecting any hidden diseases in any part of the body before becoming a danger to your life. It is important to maintain the same doctor for ease of access of your medical history at all times. Another bonus of having regular check-ups is that you get extra health tips for women.

By following and applying these important health tips for women, you stand a higher chance of living a longer, healthier life. So ladies, add these tips to your list of health tips for women.

Working Out with Country Dance music!

Okay, if you’re not a big fan of country tunes, please don’t dismiss this post! I’m also not a big country music listener, but if you get a rendition of someone with an angelic and soothing voice, it is hard not to be charmed into dancing and swaying your hips just a little.  Plus, if you have seen any videos of people line dancing or partying at a country dance or barn party, you will see just how fun some of the moves are!

Why is dancing good for weight loss?

It can get monotonous to do the same hip hop routines and moves at the night club, so why not learn some new moves? You can also get in great shape and lose a ton of weight by working out to country music and it’s all low impact and low intensity so literally anyone can do it from early beginner exercisers to those who are more intermediate level or advanced.  If going to the disco isn’t really your thing, then you mgiht want to consider getting Country Heat – a new workout program from Autumn Calabrese.  Reviews on Country Heat claim it is one of the most fun workouts in 2016 and you burn around 300 calories per workout.  The workouts are under 30 minutes each so there is no excuse not to be able to do one.  You’ll get a series of 7 different workouts, and can do one each day.  If you get bored of one, you’ll have enough variety to keep you entertained.

Can’t I just jog instead?

The benefits of dancing are that you don’t need to run along side a road for 60 minutes to get a good calorie burn. You can dance and swing your hips and butt to your favorite dance tunes and watch your heart rate soar as you get your body in the fat burning zone.  Of course, not everyone likes dancing and some people prefer the calm nature of running through the woods.  The point is to choose a type of exercise that works for you and that you will enjoy doing time over.  Personally, country music always gets me in the mood to hop and dance and if I can lose weight at the same time as doing it, I’m all for it!

Remember that it is important to follow a nutrition plan while working out because if you are eating junk all the time, you’ll never lose weight steadily.  Try to drink at least eight cups of water a day and especially during your workouts to keep hydrated and stay feeling fresh.  Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and you’ll be set on the right track.

Let’s Talk Teeth! 3 Ways to Brighten Your Smile Naturally

Raise your hand if you have a perfect smile! I certainly don’t, but I definitely did when I was a kid.  I think drinking 5 cups of coffee a day and two glasses of red wine a night as an adult has led to a slow increase in stains and darkening of my teeth.  In this day and age, it is hard to avoid processed foods and drinks that will darken your teeth over time, and not just for adults, but kids too!


The 3 Biggest Teeth Darkening Culprits:

1.  Coffee!

Oh say it isn’t so! Sadly, as delicious as coffee is and as much as it helps us wake up in the morning and give us that caffeine boost to get through our monotonous Mondays – it doesn’t help keep our teeth white.  It slowly impacts the enamel and over time, our teeth will become darker and even turn to a shade of yellow.

How can we avoid coffee staining our teeth? Well, don’t drink black coffee for one! The darker you drink your coffee, the larger the impact it’ll have on your teeth. If you insist on drinking it, switch to milk instead of cream.  Drinking half coffee and half milk will prevent your teeth from going so black.  Also, brush your teeth after you’re done your coffee drinking session and you’ll have whiter teeth than you would otherwise.

2. Soda drinks and Coca Cola

If you and your kids love drinking soda on the weekends, keep in mind that dark soda will also not only stain your teeth, but your kids’ pearly whites as well!  You can opt for lighter colored soda drinks like Sprite or 7-Up, but if your family loves Coca Cola or root beer, you can help prevent staining by drinking the soda through a straw. Get your kids some fun curly straws and they can suck up their soda without having the liquid directly hit the teeth.  You might also try cutting back on soda and drinking a mix of your favorite flavored juice with sparkling water.

3. Red wine

The Kardashians (I know, I’m really sorry to mention them) claim to drink red wine from a straw to keep their smile sparkling white and clean. I personally think it’s silly to drink red wine through a tube, so I like to drink white wine instead. But if you love your reds and don’t want to use a straw, make sure you brush your teeth afterwards to avoid slowly staining throughout the night.  You can also make a sangria style drink by mixing sparkling water in with the red so the impact isn’t as hard.

If none of these options seem appealing to you, remember you can go to your family dental practice for a regular cleaning or even a whitening procedure to keep your smile fresh and gleaming white!  These are just some strategies to prevent deterioration over time and keep you looking and feeling your best smiling away in photographs!

Getting Toned and Burning Fat in 21 Days

How long do you think it takes for you to lose weight? If you truly it commit to an exercise and diet program for at least three weeks, you will be surprised at how much fat and weight you can burn. However, keep in mind that every alcoholic drink, every extra chocolate bar, every single chip you eat is something that you have to burn off. Starting tomorrow is something that everyone says. We time someone eats poorly and throws in the towel on their diet for a day, they say, oh, forget it. I will be better tomorrow! But the fact is, it doesn’t matter if you start today or tomorrow, every single piece of food that you consume that is unhealthy or in excess of your daily calorie limit will make you get fat.

How Can I Stick to My Weight Loss Goals?

So put down that bottle of Coca-Cola. Put down that chocolate bar. Put down my bag of chips. All of that food, once in your body will slowly start to converts to fat. Whether you start today or tomorrow is irrelevant. What is relevant is how much you eat and how many calories you’re taking in and putting out. As I write this I am in the middle of 35°C weather and it is cruciate only hot and humid. I am wearing a tank top and shorts. And you know what? I look good. That’s because I have been exercising and working out since January. I have lost 30 pounds and only have around five more pounds to lose. My holiday begins in almost 3 weeks time exactly. Therefore, I am beginning the 21 day fix program that I will complete over the next 21 days. This program contains both a nutrition guide and an exercise program. One review by Yolo Dieting claims that this program helped one woman named Marie lose 50 pounds in six months. She followed not only the exercise videos, but also used the portion control color-coded containers set that came included in her program. By drinking plenty of water each day, eating lots of vegetables, fruits, healthy whole grains, and a lot of protein, she was able to feel full and satisfied while she was on the program.

She also mentioned that it’s important while doing this program to track your results and way yourself before and after three weeks. Do not get obsessed with the scale and the wanted every day because your body weight will naturally fluctuate throughout the day based on foods you might have eaten the night before when you go to the toilet, etc. Therefore way yourself once a week maximum and make sure to track and measure your inches around your body so you can see how many inches of fat you are also losing. Commit to 21 days on this program and you will be amazed and able to write your own review about how it has worked for you.

Starting a High Fiber Diet in the New Year

Losing weight can be a difficult process if you are not informed about what you should be doing or eating. Many people consume large amounts of junk or processed foods and seem surprised when they don’t lose weight because they are uneducated about what foods are good for you and which foods are not.  It’s important to have a healthy balance when losing weight and part of that means eating foods rich in fiber.  If you eat foods that have large amounts of vitamins and fiber, you are not only nourishing your body by providing it with the vitamins and minerals it needs to properly function and improve your digestion, but you are also setting the stage for a healthy body and lifestyle.

If you want to lose weight, it is essential that you cut out “white” breads, rices and pasta and stick to a fiber based diet with whole wheat and whole grains. By eating a diet rich in fiber, your body will feel full and you won’t crave eating other foods.  If you eat white bread and pasta, your body won’t be full after eating a few servings and then you will eat too much and could gain weight. Therefore, you really need to eat foods like oatmeal, brown bread and brown rice to absorb the fiber with water in your body and expand causing the body to feel more full so you eat less throughout the day.

One of the best health and diet supplements is known as skinny fiber pills which expand in the stomach when you drink around eight glasses of water a day and this allows the fiber to act like a sponge would as it grows in the belly causing the user to feel more and more full.  Skinny fiber is taken twice a day over the course of several weeks as you lose more and more weight.  It’s not essential to exercise while taking the pills but exercise will help you lose even more weight so that you can burn up to 5 pounds of fat a week.  Remember it is important to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables along the way so that you are getting all the vitamins and nutrients you need to function and have a healthy body.   If you need to lose weight, we recommend starting a 90 day skinny fiber challenge where you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables in addition to drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day and taking the skinny fiber capsules twice a day, two pills at each time and 30 minutes before eating.


Healing You: The Power of Manual Therapy and Massage


As we get older, our bodies stop working like they used to.  When you are young, you can run like a mad man across the park chasing your friends in games you actually enjoy for pleasure. When you’re in your twenties, you exercise for vanity purpose and while it’s a drudgery to do, you still do it because you can. But when you hit your late forties and fifties, your body just doesn’t function the way it used to. The problem with exercise isn’t that you’re bored of it or don’t WANT to do it, it’s that you can’t do it the way you used to be able to because your muscles aren’t as strong and flexible.  Moving an arm or leg just a certain way can cause a strain and make it impossible for you to run or jog.

Margaret Loland from Windsor says she has been an avid power walker since the 90’s and is now 74 years old.  She started getting into exercise in her later years once she realized that life was getting harder.  Her husband, a physiotherapist said she needed to exercise more if she had any hope of matching him in loving a long and healthy life.  Her husband was her inspiration to get in shape and start working out.  After he had an injury as a young boy, he studied physiotherapy to become more educated in studying the human body and how to fix his own muscle injury. He dedicated his life to the profession and now advocates manual therapy and massage for anyone who suffers from aches and pains.

Margaret visits her husband regularly for check-ups and he has placed her in a manual therapy treatment after she suffered an injury in a car accident.  That is how they met and started their relationship!  He assessed her situation and realized that she needed rehabilitation treatment in order to move the way she used to be able to.  He performed a series of manual techniques including massage and soft tissue treatment to ease her back of aches and pains.  Over time, Margaret got stronger and was able to move with little ease as she was in her early twenties.  Now she maintains her strength of muscles by power walking around the neighborhood and also getting regular massage to release her tight muscles and keep her bones and joints “well-greased like you’d keep your bike from rusting! (in her own words!)

Manual therapy can be very therapeutic as can massage. Not only does it help with fixing the body and repairing old injuries but it also allows you to feel relaxed and stress-free which is very important for your overall physical and mental health.

Get Fit in Under 21 Days with the Detox Program!

Sometimes losing weight can feel like it is the most impossible thing in the entire world.  I was losing weight I felt like there was absolutely nothing I could do in order to lose weight. I felt like I needed to have the latest fitness equipment with the latest protein supplement the diet pills in order to have any sort of success weight loss. I remember at one point I bought everything I needed in order to start losing weight. I had the latest exercise equipment and the latest exercise videos. I had all of the protein supplements and all of the exercise and diet pills that I needed. I thought that if I drank all the green tea I bond or if I drank all the smoothies with the expensive protein shakes that I had purchased that I would lose 40 pounds. The problem was that I didn’t realize I did not have the energy and motivation to lose weight.


When you want to lose weight all you require is your own body and motivation. You can have everything they possibly need to lose weight but if you don’t have the willpower the motivation to lose weight you will just succumb to temptation every single time. Temptation is everywhere. You are tempted at a holiday party right birthday party. You are tempted every single time there’s a new holiday or event people are serving and pouring beer left right and center. Your tempted when you go to your office every single day and there are donuts were muffins and cookies on display and everyone else’s eating them and all of those people they look fit. The thing is, once you are fit and in good shape you can indulge once in a while and maintain your weight. But until you lose that weight you will always be tempted and there is nothing you can do about it. I never thought I was going to be able to lose weight. I thought it was just a lifetime of being fat and ugly. But then I discovered the 21 day diet plan which is an exercise system that combines both diet and workout videos. This diet program lasts for only 21 days but it can dramatically transform your entire body.

For only three weeks I decided to cut out eating sugar and carbohydrates and eat a diet that was rich in protein, vegetables, low-fat dairy, and fruits. I was satisfied each and every day and as I diminish the amount of carbohydrates I was eating on a regular basis, I felt myself getting slimmer and slimmer and looking more and more attractive. I started to be able to fit jackets and coats and jeans that I had been able to fit in over a year. I started to be excited about going shopping again in buying outfits because” fitting my body and my actually looked good every time I tried on a new outfit. I felt happier and was in a better mood. I performed better my workplace because I was no longer ashamed of my body. People started treating differently and I was getting more and more involved in the community. I had more energy to spend with my children and I was able to keep up sexually in bed with my husband. All it takes is 21 days to change your life and completely transform your body if you have willpower and the motivation to do it.

Using Skinny Fiber for Weight Loss in 2015

Well, we are through August and halfway through September. Summer has come and gone and as we approach the fall season, many people are excited to give up their healthy eating habits of the summer because they are no longer forced into having to wear t-shirts, tank tops and summer shorts!  Long gone are the days of relaxing on the beach in a bikini and we have a year off until next summer. Right?

Wrong! Now is the best time to start exercising and preparing for the following summer. Don’t forget all the holidays and parties that are coming up in the next few months that you will need to be slim and fit for.  Halloween parties and wearing cute dresses, and more importantly, the holiday season.  People are already likely to gain a lot of weight during the holidays because of all the treats and dessert we consume. That is why it is important to lose weight in September and October, the months leading up to Christmas so you can enjoy a few days off of your diet and really celebrate the season with your family. We recommend investing in one of the best diet pills on the market which is a weight loss supplement skinny fiber pills which will help you lose up to 40 pounds before Christmas!

The very first thing people should use is the Skinny Fiber product. Often times, a network marketing business falls because the product is either useless or used simply to hide a scam. Therefore, people would say it to be very important that a business actually has a good product, or else the job opportunity just isn’t there. Here, the supplement is a weight loss pill that has three ingredients that work together to help shed fat: Glucomannan, Caralluma, and Cha de Bugre. Glucomannan and Caralluma are two sorts of natural appetite suppressants, one being a fiber and the other a plant. Cha de Bugre is then used to increase metabolism and encourage fat reduction. When used together, these ingredients help make a formula for weight loss.


So right from the start, there are a few things people liked to see about Skinny Fiber. For one, all the ingredients are natural; the pills don’t feature some super-chemical or miracle drug that makes fat vanish from your waist. Instead, the extracts are all natural items discovered to have appetite and calorie burning benefits. So according to the opinion of some of the users of this Skinny Fiber product, it may be a safer alternative to many other types of weight loss merchandise out there.

How Skinny Fiber Can Help You Lose Weight

Eventually, under an appetite suppression regimen, you will be taking in less than you output, inducing significant weight loss. Now people believe this to be the most effective way to lose weight. There’s no elegant technology involved with appetite suppression: you eat less, you gain less. This approach has been known for ages and provides the basis for all the diets out there. So in my opinion, appetite suppression achieves weight loss at its center.

Skinny Fiber does just that. The natural ingredients involved work as appetite suppressors. According to their website, you take a couple of capsules of Skinny Fiber thirty minutes before you are about to eat. Then, half an hour later, after the capsule has a chance to begin digestion, you go to eat. However, you’ll find yourself not feeling as hungry as you did 30 minutes earlier, and while you’re eating, you’ll begin to feel full sooner. Ultimately, you’ll stop eating as much, and, over time, you will begin to shed some pounds. In principle, this is a very authentic way to lose weight.

So overall, it can be said that the product may be beneficial to try. Many have already lost 10 pounds using the product, and others have already lost much more. And considering that the product is comprised of natural products, it can’t hurt.

How Skinny Fiber acts?

In compare to other eating habits pills, this one particular will work in two ways. First, Skinny Fiber restrains your appetite at the same time as also suppressing cravings that means you will eat considerably less than average. Second, the tablets vigorously boost up your metabolism so you exterminate weight more fast and burn off surplus fat when literally doing practically nothing.

Best Workout DVD of 2015: 21 Day Fix Extreme

We are halfway through 2015 and there are plenty of workout videos available for purchase right now. Some of them focus on hip-hop dance routines which I love, but the problem is that it is so difficult to concentrate and follow the dance moves that I often get frustrated and shut off the workout video. The purpose of a workout dvd isn’t to learn a really cool dance routine – unless you’re training to dance or that’s your hobby.  But if your purpose is primarily to lose weight – you need to be using videos that will help you do just that – burn calories and lots of them.

I don’t like spending years at the gym – its a huge long process which I just haven’t got time for.  In order to get in shape, you only need to dedicate 30-45 minutes a day to working out. Unless you’re trying to body build or something, it’s too much if you are spending 2 hours on the treadmill – it’s a waste of time and will burn your body out. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, working out twice a day for 30 minutes each with Autumn Cabrese’s 21 day fix extreme workout program will help you get back the body you used to have OR help you define and create a new incredible one. I love this workout video because you don’t need to do the same one every day. There are 7 different 21 day fix extreme workouts and they are packed with high intensity moves to help you shed weight and burn calories fast. Rather than spending 30 minutes walking on the spot or doing silly dance moves, you’ll bust out a hardcore gym training session right in your own home!

All you need to do these workouts is an exercise mat, some light weights or dumbbells up to 8 pounds, depending on your strength. You’ll need to drink plenty of water while doing the workouts to keep yourself hydrated and able to push yourself to the absolute maximum while doing the workouts! If it is your first time exercising in a long time, you’ll need to take it easy and try to do everything at 60% effort until you can work your way up.  If you’re not used to exercising at all, you might consider the original 21 day fix workout program which is less intense than the extreme version. But don’t doubt it’s power, as you can burn up to 400 calories per workout video with the original program as well.

I like to use these workout videos primarily for the exercises. But many people like to use them for the eating plan that is included with the workouts as well. You can use different color coded containers to try to keep within a certain number of calories per day when you’re eating. There are many different containers to use and you won’t have to count calories, only count containers which is much easier!  For a totally comprehensive workout and diet program, the 21 day fix extreme definitely is the best system of 2015 that respects both time constraints and weight loss goals in a system that you can reasonably expect to lose up to 10-15 pounds in just three short weeks of hard work.


Exercise to improve your Fitness

Exercise is a fantastic way to get fit, more than just regulating your diet. No matter how tired you are, don’t forget to include exercise as a daily discipline to feeling fit and better.

You can boost your fitness level by doing several combination exercises, whether it’s to boost your endurance level or to improve your cardiovascular strength.

You can start with quick exercise spurts. With just four to six second sprints, it will give you the same heart and health benefits like a 30 to 60 minute workout. You can run fast from here to your mailbox for two to three times and just ignore everyone looks. You can use a simple jumping rope for two to three minutes. Another method, pretend a dog is chasing you on your walks back home and walk real fast for one to two minutes.

Keep on moving around physically to improve your fitness levels too. Just inconvenience yourself to the things you keep around you Don’t be a couch potato. Walk around the house, get up to take your remote. Walk to the kitchen for a glass of water or run up and down your staircase home. If you live in an apartment, try to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Flex your muscles whenever you can by leaving a set of dumbells near the bathroom, kitchen or the dining room. You can do some bicep and tricep curls, while you are waiting for dinner to be ready in your microwave or pot.

Leave your yoga mat near to the bed, so you can rise up early and do some stretches on it You can also sit on a stability ball while you sit at your table and there is also the possibility of doing some sit up’s on the ball.

Home and office can be a useful place to make you fitter, if you position all your exercise gear correctly, where the eye can see. Have a daily exercise schedule going to clock in and clock out If you need help, get a gym coach to help you

Besides improving your fitness level with what you have in the house, what about braving the outdoors? Swimming in a pool is one of the best exercises you can do or simply walking in the water. Just feel the air on your face by cycling around your park area for at least 20 minutes each day. Hiking would be an option when your fitness levels get better.

Remember, if you know how to get up and go to work, you can also do likewise and clock in an appointment daily with exercise.

Keep it moving.